Thank you so much to Bookmark Reading who have kindly donated books to our school.

We have loved reading Questions and Answers about Racism written by Jordan Akpojaro.

Read for Pleasure

Today, we have been reading ‘The Secret Kingdom’ by Barb Rosenstock. The book tells the true story about Nec Chand who was a self-taught artist best known for transforming rubbish and debris into the Rock Garden of Chandigarh, India.

Based on Chand’s secret garden, we created our own statues from recycled materials.

Which materials did Nec use to create his garden?


During our science lesson, we have been grouping and classifying different materials.

What is a material?

We discussed the properties of certain materials. For example, we know that plastic can be flexible or hard.

What are the properties of glass?

We worked together to group the materials based on their similarities and difference.

Baghdad’s Golden Age

In our new topic, we will be learning about the significance of the building of Baghdad.

We will be discovering what influence and importance it held for the rest of the world and how its innovation has shaped the world today.

Today, we looked at the map of the Middle East and located Baghdad, the capital city of Iraq. We also identified the continents and oceans of the world.

Which country do you think has the largest population?

Welcome Back

Welcome back 5GT! It has been so wonderful to see you all back in school this week. The teachers will be having their Meet the Teacher meetings on Friday – we hope as many of you as possible can make it, but we will share the information if you are unable to and for those who can attend to refer back to. Your meeting is Friday morning, 9am, in the main school hall. After dropping off your child to the classroom, please come to the entrance by Reception and leadership will be there to direct you!
Mrs Downs